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Quotes About Noah


“The highest compliment I can give an actor, I can say about Noah– he has range.  Yes, he prepares himself professionally, yes he works incredibly hard at becoming the best actor he can be, and yes, he and his entire family are a joy to be around… but his range and versatility– now that’s G-d given talent that places him on a very short list of A+ actors.”

Executive Producer, Dan Frisch


“Noah is a joy to work with and be around. He is a talented young actor with the honesty, timing, and fearlessness of someone far beyond his years.”

Writer, Andrew Hill Newman


“Noah is an exceptional young talent, focused and driven, yet fresh and natural. His professionalism on set creates an excellent example for those around him, a facet that is particularly helpful when working with a young ensemble cast such as we had on ‘The Rainbow Tribe’. Always enthusiastic to take direction, Noah is also rich with his own creative choices, bringing a lot to camera. He possesses a magnetic sense of humor and is a pleasure to just ‘hang out’ with.  I greatly look forward to working with him again and am sure he has a huge career ahead of him. Go Well young Fella!!”

Director, Christopher R. Watson


“Noah has an inner fire that translates great in front of the camera.  He takes direction extremely well and was a pure pleasure to work with.”

Director, Fredrik Bond


“I would count myself lucky to work with him again. He is a very giving talented, sensitive performer. I had a great time on that film, and working with Noah was one of the highlights!”

Actor, David James Elliott